Summary of The Highwayman

By: Ethan Perry

Summary of Part I

The poem first starts with the Highwayman, riding to the inn at night. He taps on the shutters with his whip and whistles a tune ♪♫ and Bess is waiting for him. The Highwayman asks Bess for a kiss and tells her he will come before morning, during moonlight. Tim the ostler was eavesdropping, found of their plans. The Highwayman left.

Summary of Part II

The next day, redcoats came marching, and came into the inn, gagged her, and bound her to her bed. They tied a musket pointing at her. Then she remembered what the Highwayman said “I’ll come to thee by moonlight, though hell should bar the way!” She tried to get out of the bands, and made her wrists bleed. She finally got her finger on the trigger and wanted nothing more. Then the Highwayman came on his horse, with the hoofs tloting. The Redcoats were ready for him. Then, to warn the Highwayman she shot and killed herself. The Highwayman heard the gunshots and rode away. He didn’t realize her death until after, which he tried to go back, and was shot. Then, on similar nights of the day it happened, the ghost of the Highwayman comes to the inn and Bess is waiting there.