What part do you have?

#1 IXL Objectives

We have been working through the review fraction IXLs. I have listed the ones I want you to have worked on here. There are some from last week and this week. Please try and make your way through them all. 90% Remember to take screen shots of the correct answers if you don't understand!

All the K's

All the L's


Please log into moby max and try to complete 20 correct questions. Please continue to work through the questions until the time is up.

#3 Math Task Cards

Please complete these task cards in your center. You may work together with your neighbors. Please put your answers on the recording sheet and turn into the basket.

#4 Gridded Responses

Answer the 4 computation questions and put your answers in the bubble sheet. Remember that all fractions need to be in simplest form. If you have a mixed number, you need to write it as an improper fraction. Please make sure you bubble in correctly. Put it in the pink basket when you are finished.

#5 Tenmarks

Work on contract tenmarks for the week. If you finish, you can do personal playlist items.

#6 Worksheet- Adding Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Show all work. Simplify Fractions. Turn into basket.

#7 Worksheet- Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Show all work. Simplify Fractions. Turn into basket.



Make a video. Topics include 1) finding LCD, 2) writing mixed numbers as improper fractions and reverse, 3) adding mixed numbers 4) subtracting mixed numbers 5) subtracting mixed numbers with REGROUPING! Share the video with me. We may publish it on our website in order to help others with their learning!


Math Games

See list of games on the Wonder Twins Website on the Math Tab!