February News

from 4I

Thank you!

Thanks to all of the parent who volunteered time and materials for our Valentine's Day Party. It was so much fun! We have had a great month and are looking forward to fun activities this spring. Please read below to see what we have been up to. Also, many students have been visiting Study Island and earning ribbons in Language Arts and Math. When they do they get to pick a reward from the Treasure Chest. If you have any items at home that you would like to donate to our treasure chest we would gladly welcome them!


For read aloud, we have been reading The Infinity Ring. The Infinity Ring is about three kids who time travel and try to fix the breaks in history that was caused by the SQ. The SQ is the evil side in this series. The book in the series we are reading is book number 3: The Trap Door. This book is about the Underground Railroad, which we are learning about in school. We have also been learning about how to discuss books using Talking Sticks. This helps us take turns and discuss. After we discuss, we do our response. We use details from the text to support our answers. This is what we have been learning in reading.

By: Stefan, Julianne, and Mairra


In writing we have been focusing on persuasion. Persuade means to cause someone to do something through reasoning or argument. Some of the forms of persuasion are letters, book reviews, online ads, speeches, newspapers, T.V./radio commercials or magazine ads. We have also been writing our own persuasive pieces in writing. Some example topics are: people should not waste resources, not abuse animals etc. To make a good persuasive piece you must have strong emotion words, the opponent’s point of view and why they're wrong, facts, and reasons to support your opinion or whatever you’re writing about.

By- Reagan and Ellie



In February, we have been learning about fractions. A fraction is an amount of something that is not whole. Example: ½ , ¾ , etc.

You can access the game website that we use from Blackboard.

We also use packets to help us with fractions. The packet explains things well and has examples. The packet also has our homework so we know what we are getting.

We are learning different strategies to compare fractions. One of them is the benchmark fraction strategy. The benchmark fraction allows you to find the most common fraction, ½, etc., and that helps you find equivalent fractions and which fraction is greater. This is what we are doing in math.

By: Mena, Beck, and Jack


We have just finished algebra this month. We have learned about how symbols can represent an unknown number. For example, 7*b=42 or 42=7b. We have used scales to find out what the value of a symbol, letter, or variable is. We would take away an equal amount of each number, letter, or symbol from both sides of the scale. In other words, we are making "legal moves".

We have also been learning about rates. For example, if you buy seven pancakes for $7.00, it is $1.00 per pancake. This is what we have been learning about this month.

By: Matthew, Robbie, and Ty

Social Studies

In social Studies we made ads to persuade people to move to the North West territory, so Ohio can become a state. Now that Ohio is a state we can have a party. We can pick 2 things from the You Pick Two Menu or you can make an ABC book about Ohio. Some things from the You Pick Two Menu are Symbolic Symphony where you have to choose your favorite song and rewrite the lyrics so that they tell about Ohio. Also, Bumper to Bumper is where you research for the state of Ohio and create your own bumper sticker with a catchy slogan. That is what we are doing in Social Studies.

By: Anna, Gwen, & Sonya

Unified Arts

Unified Arts has been very fun in the month of February. In gym we have played many exciting games such as, River Run, Dodge Ball games, and Volleyball. In art we have been learning about impressionists. In tech we’re making persuasive posters. In music we’re learning about instrument families such as the woodwinds, brass, percussion, and string families. In library we play games to help us learn about genres. In Spanish we have been making healthy food projects. That is what we have been learning about in Unified Arts.

By: Luke, Hayden, and Emma

Classroom and School Community

In February we made love boxes. They are for kids that need every day things like tooth paste and toys, but no food.

In February we had are valentine's day party. It was so fun.

We played minute to win it. We also played hot potato with a sock monkey.

The 3rd grade musical was fun to watch. Some of their songs are what we sang in our 3rd Grade Musical.

By: Cole and Gabe

Upcoming Events

In March we have Read Across America & Dr. Seuss’ birthday on the 2nd. It is also National Nutrition month. Then on the 9th daylight savings starts. And on the 11th is a test called the QRA. It stands for the Quarterly Reading Assessment and after that we have St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th.

Some birthdays that are coming up are Mrs. Ignatz’s son, Tripp, on the 13th and Beck’s birthday on the 31st. At the end of the month we have spring break from the 24th to the 31st and the quarter ends on the 21st.

By Charlie and Sarah