by Alan Macias

What is Symbaloo

Symbaloo is a website that comes in with mostly everything. It comes with links to everything a person would want. If you dont want to go all out and find something in a webiste you can just get symbaloo and go straight to it. Example: You can go to symbaloo and go straight to Netflix or Skype.

Is it usefull?

In my opinion it is, because it comes with a lot of things people use. It can send you straight to a store like walmart and target, even ebay. It also really helpfull by the idea that you dont have to dowload a lot of other apps and go straight to them, because symboloo already has it.

Would I recomend it?

I would, because it's very helpfull. A app that has every app people would want all togethor is really good.

Pros and Cons

It has a lot of pros. The fact that it has all those apps all togethor is really enjoyable. The Cons is that sometimes it's slow. But for anything else I think this app is really good.