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Upcoming Dates

Saturday, October 17: PTA Fall Festival 11:00 am

Monday, October 26: Red Ribbon Week begins!

Monday - Wear red

Tuesday - Wear mismatched clothes

Wednesday - Wear bright colors

Thursday - Wear a team jersey or school spirit shirt

Friday - Book Character Day!

ELAR (English Language Arts & Reading)

Esperanza Rising novel, by Pam Munoz Ryan. Students are studying characters and their roles and functions in literature. We are also learning how to use context clues to determine word meanings. Next week we will focus on theme and figurative language.

Words to Know:

  • infer (to determine or figure out using text evidence and your thinking)
  • conclude (synonym for infer)
  • figurative language (words or expressions with different meanings that what they seem. For example, similes, metaphors, and idioms)
  • Greek/Latin Root dic- (meaning say), like "dictator" or "dictionary";
  • Greek/Latin Root port- (meaning carry), like in "transportation" or "portable" or "deportation"

Science / Social Studies

Science: This week in science we have expanding our knowledge of energy by focusing on Electricity and Circuits. We have been studying the different parts of a circuit and how they work. Next week we will begin to look into the properties of light, and how it interacts when going through different materials.

Social Studies:We have begun to unravel the mystery of early colonization, and the motives for risking the difficult journey from Europe into unfriendly territory in what will become our great nation. Next week we will start to understand how these colonizes survived the challenges brought on by the Americas, and what led the colonies to rise up and fight for Independence.


We are focusing on UPSC as a strategy to help us organize our thinking as we solve word problems. Parents, please ask your child abut UPSC.

This week we are learning how to divide decimals.

Next, we will add and subtract fractions.

Math Website of the Week: www.mathplayground.com

Check out a few of our student-created book trailers!

Carlos - Racing in the Rain

Angelina - Odette's Secrets

Natalie - Wonder

Amaya - Rump