Selective breeding

and Genetic engineering Lauren Presley. 8th period

Genetic Engineering

Advantages- Disease could be prevented by detecting hereditary diseases that run in plants, animals, and people. By impalnting genes in order to treat specific spots. Animal and plants can be modified to have desirable characteristics. For example, you could manipulate a tree to absorb more Carbon dioxide in order to treat global warming.
Disadvantages- Some scientist beleive that introducing these modified genes could mess with the food chain. That could be IRREVERSIBLE with unknown consequences. many moral issues interfere to such as religion which questions mans right to tamper with nature and animals.

My opinion

Well my opinion on genetic engineering is 50/50. On one hand, I think that we need the advantages that it gives us. But the reason we need need the advantages is because we caused them in the first place. The trees for example from the pervious paragraph. We need to stop global warming, but we caused it by poluting. Also growing limbs on animals?? We have no idea how that feels. Its hurting animals for our own need. Lastly, when you introduce these genetic modified animals scientist worries about irreversible effects! Once we cause damage to the food chain we cannot undo it. We have no idea what will happen! So why take the risk?

Selective Breeding- how it works

The objective of selective breeding is to make a very desirable plant, animal, or person. This is done by crossing the same species with desirable traits. Such as long lasting life and a quick metabolism, crossed with fast growth and high yield. Since these are dominate traits the offspring will have ALL these traits. The offspring produced will be called a hybrid. This cause no harm to the food chain what so ever or to the course of nature

My opinion

Im for Selective Breeding, because this the same objective but causes no harm to the food change. However, I think that if everyone does it it will lead to humans Trying it and cause a irreverisble effect if they do not know what they are doing. Hopefully if they can they can cure diseases.


In conclusion, I am against genetic engineering but all for selective breeding. I hope in the future we can find a cure for cancer through these methods.