K2 News!


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Room Mom Letter

Please, please, please return the slip of paper with your information on it that was at the bottom of the room mom letter! This is how they will communicate with you this year. If they don't have your email, then you might miss out on things through out the year. If you need another letter just let me know. :)

What did we learn this week?

Next week we will...

  • Unit: Spiders, Pumpkins
  • Letters: A and the short a sound like Alligator
  • Sight words- Have, Is, At, See
    - Review old sight words- I, am, go, to, little, is, like, a, the

  • Math: Writing numbers to 15, Counting groups of objects to 15, Rote Counting to 25 starting at any given number, Learning Tally Marks
  • Science: Snail Exploration

Our Schedule Next Week:

Monday: NO SCHOOL!

Tuesday:Art Class & Library- DON'T FORGET YOUR LIBRARY BOOKS!!!

Walking to the Pumpkin Patch! Please bring a sack lunch and make sure your child has their $3 to buy their own pumpkin :) Stay tuned for pictures!

Wednesday: P.E. Day

Thursday: BROWN DAY!! Please dress your child in BROWN clothes today!!

Music Class

Friday: PE- Runner's Club

E-Time & Family Friday Lunch

E-Time: Skittle and Gummy bear science!

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What can I do at home????

  • First and foremost- practice writing your child's name EVERY NIGHT. I can't beg you to do this enough :)
  • Writing the alphabet letters- capital and lowercase. If you need alphabet paper from me, just ask!
  • ABC flashcards each day to learn the letters and sounds
  • Practice writing numbers 1-20
  • Counting to 20 (at least) ... and backwards from 20!! **Try starting from any number!
  • Tying their shoes by themselves!!!
  • Writing their sight words from the week- I always list the new words in the "next week we will above"
  • Read with your child EVERY night or as much as you can!! Please, please, please!

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Mark Your Calendar!

October 12th- NO SCHOOL!! Columbus Day

October 13th- Pumpkin Patch Field Trip!! (wear tennis shoes)

October 13th- PTO meeting- 6:30

October 15th- BROWN day

October 22nd- ORANGE day

October 30th- Fall festival & the fire department comes to visit!!

Have a great weekend!

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