Opportunity is Knocking! :)

Join us!

Tuesday, March 18th- Call IN!

I would love for you to join me and a few of the leaders on my team for a special intimate call to learn more about the Stella and Dot opportunity! I think you would make an amazing stylist !!! We are heading into our second busiest time of the year with so much to share! We have SUMMER line launching in a month, Autism Awareness pieces and SPRING is here!

Bring your questions and pick our brains!

Stef xo

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Sneak Peek of our Autism Pieces!

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Worries?? That's NORMAL!!!

Just to give you an idea on how quickly you can make your money back and start earning right away...

Yesterday I helped a new stylist launch her business. We always suggest YOU do your own show in your first month! It's a great way to SHARE what you are doing ! She invited her friends and family and 12 ladies attended!

- She sold $1200

- She earned 25% on that so $300 in commission!

- She paid back her starter kit!

- She also earned $300 in HOSTESS CREDITS because that was her own show! So FREE Jewels!

- She earned $200 in Jumpstart Credits (credits given to NEW stylists in their first 60 days!)

So....how would $300 in your pocket sound AND a $500 shopping spree? Pretty awesome! This was just from ONE show! I can help you do that too!

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