6th Grade Newsletter

May 2016

General Announcements

  • May 6 - Early Release
  • May 9 - Progress Reports go home
  • May 26 - Social Studies Exam, Field Day
  • May 27 - Science Exam, Year Book Signing
  • May 30 - No School, Memorial Day
  • June 2 - Reading EOG
  • June 3 - Math EOG
  • June 8 - 6th Grade Awards Ceremony 1:30
  • June 9 - Last day of School, Early Release


Language Arts

Mr. Brooks

This month students in Mr.Brooks' ELA classes will begin to explore central idea. Activities will ask readers to drill down through text in order to find the one central statement the author is trying to make. To prepare for these concepts students have reviewed inferences and author's purpose.

It is the testing season, so let's begin instilling a winning attitude!

Mrs. Dyson

Mrs. Dyson's Language Arts classes have continued studying Poetry. We've been focused on identifying the author's tone and mood. We've also been practicing how to annotate each stanza. We will continue to use our annotation strategy with our EOG prep using fiction and nonfiction passages, in addition to prose selections. As we prepare for the EOG season, please continue to encourage your child to read nightly. The best preparation for the EOG Language Arts is to READ.

Mrs. Kerr

In Mrs. Kerr's class, Jeremy Fink is getting close to the end of his journey to find the answer to the meaning of life. As we make our final sprint to the end of this year, we will be reviewing literary terms and preparing for testing. The 40 Book Challenge will be due on Wednesday, May 25.


Mrs. Lowery

We are full force into our geometry unit. Students have worked hard on understanding the difference between volume and surface area. Students are understanding how geometry is so often used in our everyday lives. We will soon move on to our statistics unit as well as EOG Math Madness Review game.

Mr. Strickland

Creating a plan for building a house is easy if you have perfect corners and only work with squares and rectangles. What if your house plan didn't have ninety degree corners? We have expanded our formulas for area using many geometric shapes including trapezoids, parallelograms and various triangles. Our new high school being constructed next door has proven to be a great source of inspiration when discussing square footage.


Ms. Baldwin

Ms. Baldwin’s science classes recently enjoyed an IVC lesson on plants given by Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. This interactive lesson gave students an interesting opportunity to review their botanical knowledge. Students are now tackling the final part of sixth grade science curricula which includes light, sound and heat energy. Friendly competition, among individuals as well as among student teams, using the iPads and playing word wall games, has provided students with a fun-filled way to review for end of the year exams.

Mr. Strickland

Things are starting to heat up! Our Science class has been exploring the world of energy and how thermal energy can move throughout our world. We will continue to learn the difference between heat and temperature, how the relationship between matter and heat is complicated, and how thermal energy will power our future.

Social Studies

Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Smith's Social Studies classes are busy studing Ancient Greece. We will be learning about mythology and all the achievements that we have in our culture from ancient Greece as well as how daily life was for the Greek people. As the end of the year is quickly approaching we will finish out the year learning about Ancient Rome.