Staff Meeting Agenda

September 20th, 2018 ~ 8:00 am ~ Tracy's Room

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School Effectiveness Visit

Our school will participate in a School Effectiveness Visit this school year. The SEF Team members will consist of Jan LeClair, Liz Suriyuth, Anna Pacheco, Dave Russell, Michèle Babcock and Stephanie Sartor. The visit will happen over three different dates.

On Monday, November 5th, the team will meet with staff for approximately an hour before school. All staff (teachers, support staff, and custodial) are invited to attend. Then, we will meet with a Student Focus Group for approximately an hour.

On Tuesday, November 6th, the team will come for the full day and engage in classroom visits.

The feedback session will occur on Tuesday, November 13th, either before or after school.**

During the Feedback session, Michèle Babcock & Stephanie Sartor will meet with staff to share the team’s observations and feedback. The school will then receive a written summary.

Safe Schools & Supervision

  • Wear a yellow vest while on supervision. Let us know if you need one.
  • Be prompt for your supervision and circulate
  • Be mindful of sightlines and students in areas where it's difficult to see
  • Do not dismiss your students at recess and end of day until the bell rings
  • Entering the school

Concussion Protocol

When a student reports a hit/blow to the head/neck/face, we need to suspect a possible concussion and follow up with appropriate paperwork which is kept in the red binder in front of Brenda's desk.

  • Use the Tool to Identify a Suspected Concussion.
  • Make a copy for the student to take home and file original in the binder.
  • ALWAYS contact parents to let them know about any head bump and let them know that the paper is coming home.
  • If a concussion is subsequently diagnosed, there are several steps that need to be followed before a student can Return to Learn and/or Return to Play/Return to Physical Activity.
  • We need to follow this protocol even when the concussion occurs outside of school.

Budget & Purchasing Reminders

We have now received our yearly budget and are in the process of allocating funds based on our School Learning Plan goals. Please remember to get all purchases approved before "shopping".

Snow Days ~ Reporting to Work

As per Board policy & procedure:

  • All staff need to make an effort to report to work on inclement weather days
  • An inclement weather day/personal leave day (for ETFO) or personal leave day/vacation day (for CUPE) will only be granted "should it be difficult for the employee to get to work at any point during the work day"
  • Staff must consult directly with their supervisor to discuss their specific circumstances
  • After consultation, staff may be directed to report late to their school when road conditions permit or be directed to report to an alternate site
  • Decisions about whether or not staff are sent home early will occur in consultation with the Senior Staff at the Ed Centre and will be determined based on geography and ensuring adequate supervision of students in the building. There may be times when staff at other sites are sent home due to weather in their area but we remain on site for the full work day. In very rare circumstances will the Director ever say to send all staff home in all schools.

If you feel that you are not able to report to work as per usual, please call Joanne (613-214-9938) or Tiffany (613-328-9760) directly to discuss your circumstances and we will consult with you in regards to your next steps. Do not enter an absence in Smartfind until you have spoken with one of us directly.

Occupational Health & Safety

Your onsite OHS Committee Members are Tiffany, Joanne, Paul & Melinda. Please remember we all have a duty to report OHS concerns (i.e., concerns about worker safety) to one of us ASAP. You do not need to wait for a monthly inspection to report.


  • Be cautious when outdoors (footing, trip hazards, loose rocks). Always use appropriate footwear. Staff should be using the anti-slip devices when outdoors during slippery or snow/icy conditions. Additional anti-Slip ice cleats are available upon request.
  • Extension cords are temporary. Do not overload extension cords with high current-drawing devices – this poses a fire risk.
  • Be cautious and careful when using step stools or ladders. Make sure not to overreach. Ensure the step stool or ladder are stable before using. Be aware of your surrounds before stepping up or down. Use appropriate footwear

Other Reminders

  • Please be mindful of how busy the main office can be throughout the day and avoid having conversations out front while Kathy & Brenda are trying to answer phones etc.
  • Students who are staying in for recess to complete class work must be supervised by the teacher and not sent to the office. Also, we ask you to consider other strategies for these students who tend to be the ones who need to get outside and move.

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