Help! The kids are STILL home!

Parenting + Remote Learning 2020-21

It's not over yet, folks...

Dear Makowski Families,

As the holidays approach and our kids are still home, we need to shift our thinking to what is working best for all of us. We know that things can be a struggle at home for a variety of reasons but we are working together to help make things as seamless as possible for everyone.

It ight be a good time to survey your home routines, work spaces, and screen limits.

This newsletter offers curated resources for managing the pandemic-enforced school/home merger. Since the holidays are right around the corner, there are resources to assist you as well.

Good luck and don't forget to breathe!

Important December Dates...

Grades Close December 2nd. Report cards within two weeks.

Next round of student material distribution-December 16th.This will be another drive up event. Times forthcoming-specific times by grade level will be assigned.

Winter Recess-December 24th-January 1st

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Educational Tools for Christmas

Assistance for Families

Start a Family Tradition-Holiday Music and Making Cookies!

And We Cant Forget.... Elf on the Shelf!!!

Classic Christmas Music with a Fireplace and Beautiful Background (Classics) (2 hours) (2020)

What You can Do At Home to Help your Student

1) Taking Care of You:

Thinking through how to manage your time.

While we're not quite in quarantine anymore, with kids staying home and parents working from home, it can still feel as if we are. This article offers helpful tips for managing your time.

2) Supporting your kids through these challenging days:

An opportunity to help kids develop inner strength

This article gives helpful tips for nurturing kids' resiliency -- yes, we're all missing out on A LOT, but let's offer other ways to think about it all.

Toddlers are one thing; pre teens are another...

This article gives some good tips for how to give teenagers their space when it feels like we're all stuck in one room, together.

3) Getting your kids to help out: