Maths & Technology

Working Towards Redefinition...

Our Class & Technology

We are a multi-age enrichment class of 24 students from year 3-6. We are from non-English speaking backgrounds, come from fourteen different cultural backgrounds and are selected for entry to the class based primarily on mathematics results. In terms of technology resources we have four laptops and four iPads in the classroom, we have a class blog, student blogs and use student emails as part of class communication processes. We try to use technology across all KLAs as an integrated part of learning.

Modification & Redefinition

These tasks have been undertaken with a view to exploring the Modification and Redefinition aspects of the SAMR model.

Substitution & Augmentation

Wishes...and Where to Next!

There are lots of times when we try to use technology and it doesn't work. Either literally or conceptually. These are somethings that we want to keep working on to improve:

  • We are only using Edmodo at a basic level. It would be great to extend this further.
  • We are only using blogging at a basic level and need to extend the competence of junior students and the conceptual basis of tasks to get the full benefits.
  • can sometimes take my younger students a lot longer to publish electronically.
  • Supporting less able students with technology.
  • Improving its use for mathematics overall.
  • Glitches, errors, resources....