iBooks Author in the Math Classroom

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Just for Math... please bring your own stuff if you have it!

Intro: iBooks Author in the Math Classroom TCEA14

Flipped PD: A Basic Intro to iBooks Author 4 U!

A basic shout out and overview of the session...

Intro iBooks Author TCEA14

How to actually use iBooks Author - Intro

Getting Started with iBooks Author

Write or Edit Equations Directly in iBooks Author

LaTeX and MathML are supported by iBooks Author beginning with version 2.0. iBooks Author supports all LaTeX commands that can be converted to MathML with blather.

Apple Support KB on using LaTex and MathML

LaTeX information

MathML information

Additional Font Resources

You will need to use iOS supported True Type Fonts. The default ones in iBooks Author all work, but you can find 100% free commercial fonts that are iBook and iOS friendly at the following sites:

Font Squirrell

Google Fonts

The Bookry: a free resource for additional widgets

Create your own customized HTML 5 widgets using our simple online generator then drag and drop into iBooks Author. Bookry widgets let you engage, challenge, entertain and interact with your readers like never before. Readers can play games, solve puzzles, draw pictures and save any data they enter into your widgets to the cloud. They can also share their data with others by email,Twitter, Facebook and Evernote.

Sign up

Create interactive widgets for your iBook with Geogebra

Geogebra is a free application and resource that will allow you to create interactive materials for your math iBook. Be sure to download the app. We will demo how to add this exciting functionality to your book.

Sample Lesson Materials from Teresa Stevens, Sanger ISD

Similar figures

Additional Resources

The following resources will be used in our class to create an interactive iBook about

cells. You can download a copy of all our files for this course at the following url:

iBooks Author Site


3D Models



SketchUp 3D Model Warehouse



The Bookry Widget Library


Create Your Own Interactive Widgets Guide


On-Line Video Converter






Video Monkey - Video Converter App from SourceForge