Relic Master:The Dark City


The setting of this book is in Anara, a city that is crumbling down and being devastated. This city isn't what it seems because it has relics that emit advanced technology for the people and their selves. Even though they live peacefully, they are hunted down by the governing Watch, which are cruel monsters. Galen and Raffi are the only ones that know a secret to save this city before it's the Dark City. The worries of their people and Anara now lies and rest in their hands to be saved.

Objective Summary or Timeline

Anara, known as the "Dark City", is in great danger because of a great power that it hides. This is were many relics live but, they aren't regular people they have a huge power in them. This is where Galen lives, a man of the Older relics and a Keeper of relics. He also lives with Raffi a 16 year old apprentice. They are normal relics that are working to become stronger with their power but, they never realized that they would have to save their city before it was too late. This wouldn't be easy because their people and they are hunted down by the governing Watch. Galen and Raffi know a secret that they will have to take to their master and this secret isn't known for centuries. They will be tested on their way but, will go non-stop to get it and save their city.

Characteristics of Galen

There are many characteristics for Galen because he is a wise man that knows when and where danger is and how it can be resolved. For example, on page 125,Galen says," We are surrounded we are blocked by all directions, this isn't good...Wait! I'll use my goral strike to take the ones from the north you take the east and we will open a spot up". This quote tells you that Galen acts fast he uses his powers to think and then acts fast. Another characteristic, on page 214, Galen claims," No! this can't happen were too late, we will all die.... Raffi! shoot your Alfa strike"! Here it also tells you how Galen uses his powers and thinks to get out of a complicated situation.


Three characters that really stand out are Galen, Raffi (apprentice), And the governing Watch.

Galen is one of the main protagonist in the story he is a relic that belongs to a higher group because of his power and knowledge that he has. He always knows when things can get worse and he acts fast in many problems.

Raffi is the wing man of Galen also another main protagonist in the story. He is a sixteen year old boy that is in his young years of relic's and is very mischievous. He is a young apprentice that also is learning his power to become like Galen.

The governing Watch are the monsters that hunt and search for the relic's and their power. They make it harder for Galen and Raffi to do this quest and save their city from demolishing into nothing.


I can predict that Raffi and Galen will have to work together and join their powers to save their beloved city and their people. This is also going to be taken into fact that The Watch will make it more difficult and they will be tested to see if they can actually do this. They might learn a few things from their past and that will maybe make a huge impact on the their selves. The question is that will Raffi and Galen save their city or will it be destroyed to the depths of the governing Watch?