25 Books

Briley Cantrell

The Baby Sitters Club Kristys Great Idea 200 pages

This book is really cute. Its a little crazy but i love it! These girls are in seventh grade and they wanted to start a baby sitting bussiness and they did. It is a great book and really cute.

The Baby Sisters Club- The Truth About Stacey 186 Pages

This book is my favortie out of the entire series. I love how Stacey lived in New York and moved and went to StoneyBrook. I love how she is boy crazy and how she is into all fashion.

The Baby- Sitters Club Mary Anne saves the day- 136 pages

This book is really good! I thought it was really sad when they talked about Mary Anne's mother passed away. The arguement that all four of the girls was really crazy that they got into. Im glad at the end of the book thattheybecame friends again.