Ms. Smith's Weekly Update

A quick summary of our week in class!

Ms. Smith's Super Second Graders

Here at Smith Elementary School we practice respect, positivity, and excellence in all that we do. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns that you may have. My contact information has been provided for your convenience.


We took a look at our butterfly journals and documented the changes that we saw in their life cycles. They are really looking forward to seeing how the butterflies will change over the weekend.


The class had to do several timed math quizzes this week to take a look at how their multiplication skills are developing. Overall it went really well!

Social Studies

We took a look at the Oregon Trail this week to understand some of the pilgrimage patterns of U.S. History.

Language Arts

Our second graders were very eager to continue their narratives on their favorite vacation. They are just beginning the editing steps of the writing process and have had awesome attitudes so far!


This week in gym class the students got the opportunity to learn about ballroom dance. They will give a presentation of their skills to the entire school at the end of the unit. They have also been working very hard on their self portraits in art class.

Show and Tell

Monday, March 30th, 11-11:30am

Room 9

Billy will be presenting his show and tell item this week!