Finalizing the Group


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Please contact me ASAP to confirm how you would like to handle your final payment.

E-transfers cannot be accepted for final payment anytime past one week prior to departure. We must guarantee that there is sufficient time to get the transfer to our head office and then turn around payment to the Service Provider and this can take up to 3 or 4 business days.

***PLEASE NOTE: I will be out of the country from November 5-13TH attending a Seminar at Sea on Celebrity Summit. If you wish to contact me prior to that date to handle your final payment, I would be happy to do so. Alternatively, I will be available from November 14th onward***


Once all guests have paid in full, Transat Holidays will release all e-documents to me. This usually occurs about three weeks to a month prior to departure date.

At this time, I will be emailing all of your e-documents to you individually. I would ask that at that time you take a moment to review them and confirm the following:

  • Names are spelled correctly
  • Names appear exactly as they do on your passport
  • Your departure gate is reflected correctly
  • Your room category is reflected correctly

Once you confirm back to me that all is correct, I will print off all documents and deliver them to each of you together with your ticket jackets/luggage tags. Please provide me with the mailing address to which you would like your ticket package delivered.


It is important to note that Jamaica requires that all visitors from Canada provide a valid Canadian passport. Passport MUST be valid for at LEAST SIX MONTHS PAST THE SCHEDULED DEPARTURE DATE FROM JAMAICA!! Please take a moment to check the validity of your passports now. Infants and children DO require their own passports!!! Any infants under two must travel on their parents' lap or they will be charged the child fare.


Please let me know if any of you are interested in insurance. I would be happy to provide you with a quote. Always check with your credit card company to confirm what coverage is and is not included prior to your departure. TravelOnly offers insurance through Manulife Insurance.

What to Expect upon Arrival

The Montego Bay Airport can be quite busy so do make your way to the immigration hall by following the crowd. There are restrooms in the immigration hall for those who need to use it.

It used to be chaos in the hall, but there are now 2 lines that bring you to the various immigration officers. (tip - walk to the back to the 2nd line as most just stick to the front)

Make sure paperwork is all filled out (immigration form for everyone - arrival AND departure sections, plus customs form per family). NOTE - sign all forms and use European format for dates (DD/MM/YY). **This form will be distributed on your flight**

Expect up to 30-45 mins in immigration - depending on traffic on the date of arrival.

After immigration, walk downstairs to baggage hall and find your bag. Flights are not always listed as to which belt they come off, so do not hesitate to ask a baggage handler. If you have been long in immigration, bags are usually offloaded from the belt and set on the ground - so do look around you - the bag is invariably already off and somewhere on the floor.

Once you have your bags walk to the end of the hall for nothing to declare (green) section. Hand customs form to the officer there, and then exit (a few will be randomly checked)

When you exit, you will see all the tour operators waiting for you, asking which hotel you are staying at and directing you. Look for the Transat Holidays rep! He/she will direct you to your bus. The bus driver will ask your name and check you off of the list as you board.

Now it's time to sit back - relax - and embrace the philosophy of Jamaica ! NO WORRIES!!

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