Something to HOOT about!

Ms. Cipriano's Newsletter - Week of December 14th

Weekly Academics

Reading Street:

•Question of the Week; “What kind of home does an animal need?”

•Amazing words: meadow, tree trunk, den, hive, stump and nest

•We recognized and named uppercase and lowercase letter: Ii

•Identified initial and medial /i/ words like igloo and pig

•Introduced diagraphs

•Short and long vowels

•High- frequency words: I, am, the, little, to, a, have, is, we, like my, he and for.

•Realism vs. Fantasy / Sequencing a story / Adjectives for opposites

•Used our “rubber bands” to help sound out CVC words

•We read many books in school this week. Some of our favorite books are A bed for the Winter, Sneezy the Snowman, and Santa Claus and the Three Bears.

•We finished our second Writer’s workshop packet. We began the packet by generating ideas about nouns. The students then had to select one noun they wanted to be an expert in. Through the writing process, the students drafted sentences and revised their work. Their accomplishments during the publishing sections are truly something to be proud of.


•Reviewed headline, midline and baseline

•Practiced writing uppercase and lowercase letters Ss, Aa, Mm, Tt, Pp, Cc and Ii

•Helpful strategies when writing (finger spacing, capital letters, punctuation)

•Students are also now self-checking their own writing!!

enVision Math:

•Numbers to 100 and patterns on a hundreds chart

•Counted by 1s, 2s and 10s.

Social Studies/Science:

•This week we read so many wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa books. The students had the opportunity to discuss the holidays, share traditions and make cute holiday projects!

SEL: We continue to sit as a class and place ourselves somewhere on the Mood Meter. This month we have been

learning about the word, respect. What is respect? What does it look and sound like?

Daily Schedule

Days 1 & 4 Library

Days 2 & 5 Computer Room

Day 3 & 6 FLES

Peek at Next Week

-Jack and the Beanstalk/ New amazing words

-Letter sound /i/

-Adjectives / realism and fantasy


-Resolutions for the New year


Please continue to practice number recognition and formation, letters, sounds and

high-frequency words at home with your child. Please use the packet sent home for suggestions.


Monday, Dec. 21st, 9:45am

25 Castleton Court

Oceanside, NY

Wear your pajamas to school!

Last day of school before break

Wednesday, Dec. 23rd, 3:30pm

25 Castleton Court

Oceanside, NY

The last day of school before break is Wednesday, December 23rd. School will reopen on January 4th. Happy New Year!