The Approval that Gives Happiness


Accept is a verb meaning to take or receive, as in taking or receiving a gift. Accept is a word used commonly in the English language. Therefore, it is a well-known base word, making acceptance a pretty well-known word too.


The suffix -ance indicates an action, the quality, or state or condition. The suffix -ance is a very common suffix that is in all sorts of words like alliance, ambulance, and of course acceptance. All three of these words have very different meanings, but there is one similarity, the suffix. Most people use the suffix everyday and don't even know it!


Acceptance is a noun meaning the act of taking or receiving something offered. It is created by combining the definition of -ance, the state or condition, and accept, a verb meaning to take or receive.

Example Sentence

The acceptance rate of incoming freshman into Harvard is really low; last year only 12% of applying freshman were accepted.
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