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One of Our Happy Graduates from Last Year

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August 31, 2014

FROM MR. PURCELL: What an incredible week. Reflecting on successes: there was a clear sense of purpose and shared language . Don't let up! We cannot let great be the enemy of the good: if something is not working great do not give it up until we have a replacement. Example: please keep up the teacher-led bathroom for at least week two until we decide as a school to change it.

Challenges: our scholars who needed more than No Nonsense Nurturer were definitely showing it last week. This will be a topic for our first faculty meeting and Culture team. Our open house had 70 adults in attendance. It was hard to get the word out in a short time. Also during our open house last year, the after school program was in full force which meant there were many families on campus. That being said, classrooms looked wonderful and you helped get the word out about behavior. Quite a few new families came too. There will be at least six more parent events this year to connect with families.

From Rachel Amsterdam:

What great start to the year everyone!

Things to remember:

-We begin BOY assessments this week. You need to copy your own recording sheets for F and P-talk to your grade level partner to see how you can expedite the copying together.

-Hopefully you have all begun to train your students for Reader's Workshop time. If you haven't yet, do not delay and plan to do so this week.

-I will be publishing my weekly schedule this coming week

-I will be visiting classrooms this week for two purposes-1. Williams Audit and 2-getting to know your class and your style. Before we engage in official coaching cycles, I will leave a note for you with some feedback in your cubbies. If there is anything specific you want me to look for please let me know!

Go Lions!

(POST SCRIPT FROM BRIAN: Although we would prefer F and P, If you need to use DRA for #1 benchmark you can, going forward though we will use F and P. Please let Rachel know if you are going to do that.)

Frequently Asked Questions :

When does art prep start? Unless you hear otherwise from me, the art prep teacher should be in on Tuesday. SO bring your scholars to art. Fitness starts week three.

Is the schedule going to change? I will be adjusting two areas: second lunch and last recess. Please keep an eye out for version #4 which will be out by Tuesday. It will be on purple paper. Throw away the pink and green ones.

Changes: Lunch B pick up ON THE LINES (not the 4 square) at 12:05, not 12:08

NEW RECESS TIMES 12:45-1:00 Kinder 1:00-1:15 1st & 2nd 1:30-1:45 4th & 5th 2:00 -2:20 3rd

(Except Minimum Days or if falls in fitness period)

I did not get all my basic supplies, what should I do? See Evodia in person.

Can I just take supplies? Please do not take any supplies without clearing it with Evodia first and please be mindful of using back-to-back etc. with copy paper. It is our biggest expense.

How many major referrals happened and what did you do? Last week there were around 15 office handled incidents (maybe 6 of those were with two students). I gave one out of school suspension and I held six family (in person meetings) and a few phone calls. Rachel and I are figuring out a way to communicate back to you what was done. I am thinking text message may be the most immediate, then backup written documentation in office.

Mr. Purcell and Ms. Amsterdam protected time: I am generally available and do not like to turn teachers away. If I need privacy I will turn on the white noise maker near my door. Just like everyone I get overwhelmed and will sometimes need to regroup so I can be my 100%.If you truly need my attention, flip the light switch and I will come out. Please do not knock on the door while the white noise maker is on.

At other times, If I am out and about and juggling safety items I may not even be able to answer yes to "Do you have a minute?" . I may be literally chasing a student or responding to an angry parent and I know from experience that never can any question be answered carefully in a minute. I will be honest with you and I will say "I do not but can I give you ten minutes at ___" Please do not take it personally. When Rachel, Evodia, or our attendance clerk are up against a deadline they will wear a pair of headphones to indicate "do not disturb." We will protect teachers from interruptions by trying our best to keep parents from popping in and also by avoiding phone calls.

Finally, I ask that we try to (as adults) use a level 2 voice in the office and refrain from asking students "Why are you in here?" . It usually just gives the student attention. We are trying to make our office a place of business, not a place where scholars want to go!

Please be respectful of Evodia if you see her involved in a project. Some requests can wait until after school or can be placed on a note. She has work that requires some focus, and I want her to have some focused time.


Tuesday, September 2

BOY testing window

Minimum Day


HOLD: possible budget Brian downtown


follow up cafeteria practice (short version) schedule in office


Brian downtown seeing who will be evaluated

Wednesday, September 3

BOY testing window

Minimum Day


LAQUITA :Monthly emergency radio testing


follow up cafeteria practice (short version) schedule in office


HOLD: possible budget Brian downtown


Open Office Hours in portable C on who will be evaluated (list coming ASAP)

Thursday, September 4

Cenne Carroll comes by for Williams practice audit

BOY testing window

Minimum Day


Rachel in Charge: Brian @School Leader Network Meeting


follow up cafeteria practice (short version) schedule in office

Friday, September 5

BOY testing window

Minimum Day

Kara from No Nonsense on campus Culture Planning


follow up cafeteria practice (short version) schedule in office


Extended Due Date by 4pm: Teacher individual schedule (hard or soft copy) and year grade level plan started at our retreat

4:00-6:30 CAMPUS BLOCK PARTY by After School Alliance (ALL INVITED)

Links to Drive AND Calendar

Here is the Futures Shared Google Drive

Futures SHARED Folder - https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-Vs3wkhm9IMdnNKWVl0azhkNGM&usp=sharing

Here is the Futures Elementary Calendar.


Brian Purcell

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