By: Spencer Quinn


In Woof, there is a dog named Bowser. He is a very handsome dog that is a little slobbery but never the less, he is a very good scent dog......... He can smell when a human is lying and that just happens to the problem. Browser is not a stray and doesn't live with snotty owner either. Her name is Birdie Gaux, the owner, and she has a very good nose as well, she also knows that there is trouble. The trouble that they are about to face is that her grandmothers stuffed marlin has been stolen, but that there is a weird rumor going around the town that she lives in and that rumor is that there is a secret connection between the marlin and a secret treasure. Another trouble that she and Bowser face is that there is a spooky truck that is following Birdie every wear that she goes. But when the bad guys come to take Birdie away not even Bowser can save her.