DOS commands

By Evelyn Uday

There are many different types of DOS commands. Each representing a different command.


  1. MKDIR stands for make directory
  2. CD.. Goes back one directory
  3. CD\ Goes to root directory
  4. REN renames the file/ folder
  5. RD removes directory
  6. DIR shows files and folders
  7. COPY copies files to another destination
  8. ATTRIB lets you put any type of attribute
  9. +H makes it hidden
  10. +R makes it read only
  11. +S makes it system
  12. +A makes it archive
  13. CD changes current directory
  14. CHKDSK checks the disk and displays the status
  15. EXIT exits out of the command window
  16. TIME displays the system time. It also sets the system time
  17. MD also creates a directory
  18. VER displays the Windows Version
  19. REPLACE replaces files
  20. PRINTS a text file
  21. PROMPT changes the Windows command prompt
  22. MOVE moves a file to another location
  23. ERASE deletes one or more files
  24. FORMAT formats a disk
  25. DATE displays and also sets the date

This is how some of the commands look like.


* Asterisk- Represents more than one character

? Question Mark- Represents single characters

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Four File Attributes

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How to use DOS commands

How to use command prompt and cmd commands

Some things must be done daily in order to prevent your computer from not functioning well. For example scan for viruses should be done everyday since new viruses come out everyday and you need to prevent your computer from getting a virus. You should also backup your hard drive and set a restore point which is when you set a date that you want and just in case the backup fails and deletes everything you have, you will be able to just go back to that date and everything you've had up to there would be saved. Another thing would be scanning the hard disk file systems for errors.

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