Lauren Kate Griffin 29 March 2004


Mum: Nicole Griffin

Dad: Glenn Griffin

Most Amazing Achievement

Lauren Griffins most amazing achievement is getting two high distinctions and one distinction two years in a row for an amazing group performance in the end of year Drama exams.

The Journey

Lauren Griffin achieved this by working with her Drama teacher Ms Martin and the girls in her group Aliya, Savannah, Alyssa and Jorjia and practising every Monday at Jubilee and she is very thankful for her Drama teacher Ms Martin.


Lauren Griffin goes to Jubilee Primary School.

She has been going to Jubilee since prep in 2009 to grade 6 2015.

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Lauren lives in Pacific Pines, Queensland, Australia

Lauren's Mum is from the Gold Coast

Lauren's Dad moved from New South Wales when he was 16.

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Most Interesting Stories

Lauren's most interesting story was when she went to Cambodia her dad tried baby egg.

baby egg is a 18 day old chick still in the egg boiled. They eat everything including the beak and feet. Lauren's mums friend Ing that lives in Cambodia tried talking her dad into eating a spider but he said no.

Another Story is also when Lauren went to Cambodia she visited a village school and gave them Footballs, skipping ropes, hula hoops,n handballs and tennis rackets.

The kids in the village were wearing ripped up clothes and no shoes.

When we gave them the sports equipment they were so excited the only ball they had only one deflated ball. The Cambodian ice cream man on a motorbike came and sat outside the school Lauren's mum and dad bought every single kid an ice cream they were so excited because they never got any treats it was one of the best experience that they ever had.

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