Archives War Strikes Texas!

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Arcives war

In March of 1842 the Mexican army stormed into San Antonio lead by General Rafael Vasquez. The army demanded that they surrender San Antonio. The Texans were not ready for a battle so they fled the city. On March 10th Sam Houston; the president of Texas at the time called an emergency meeting in Houston Texas. Many Texans in Austin feared that Houston would move the capitol back to Houston TX, so the people guarded the archives or records with important information.

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Sam Houston sent Texas rangers to go and get the archives and bring them to Houston TX. Before they left he told the rangers that nobody should be harmed. The rangers loaded up in their wagon and left for Austin. The people in Austin formed a small army led by Angelina Ederly, and fired shots at the soldiers loading the documents. This short battle as over in a blur. The Archives War ended with the documents back in Austin.