Come to Pennsylvania!


Jobs and Trading

There are many jobs in the colony of Pennsylvania. You can farm, trade, build, blacksmith, weave, sew, glass make, tavern keep, shoe make, and be a servant. There are many amazing jobs in this amazing colony.

Farming in Pennsylvania is very good. Because of Pennsylvania's climate, farming is extremely easy. It gets nice and warm in the summer and spring. This makes it easy to grow crops.

There are many things to trade in Pennsylvania. There are clocks, glassware, pottery, wheat, corn, beef, pork, fur, iron, textiles, and wood. So if you are a trader those are the things you could trade here.

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Climate, Population, and History

The climate in Pennsylvania is very nice. We have nice, warm, summers and cool, mild, winters. In the Spring it starts to get very warm fast. In the Fall is starts to get chilly quickly.

The population of Pennsylvania is over 800,000. This colony is home to many people. Pennsylvania's biggest city is Philadelphia. There are many jobs in that city. Philadelphia's population is over 100,000.

Pennsylvania was founded in 1681. The founder of Pennsylvania was William Penn. The name "Pennsylvania" was named after the word sylvania which means "forest land" then William Penn put his last name in front of the word and made the word Pennsylvania meaning "Penn's forest".

Near Pennsylvania, are these amazing other colonies like New York, (which was founded by the Duke of York in 1626) New Jersey, (which was founded by Lord Berkeley and Sir George Cartert in 1664) and Delaware (which was founded by Peter Minuit and the New Sweden Company in 1638