From Cows To Footballs

By: Brady Marks


Do you like playing football? I do. Have you ever wondered how it is made? These are some simple steps: It all begins at the farm.


The rough part of the football comes from leather that is made from cows. A farmer carefully removes some leather from the cow. Then it is time to send it to the factory.


At the factory, they cut the leather to the right size, and put the logos and marks on. Make sure it is inside out. Next sew the two sides together and poke a hole for pumping purposes. Next poke eight holes for the laces and put it in a steaming machine for 15 sec. But it is inside out. so a worker folds it right side out. Next put a inflatable thing inside. Inflate the ball. It should be no more than 15 oz. And be 28 in. around the sides. And ship it to the store.


People buy them because some even have team logos on them. They are an oval shape because they are meant for throwing. Then you buy it.

Fun Facts

Football is a popular sport. Other balls have a lot in common. There are a lot of different sizes of football.The football is the only oval ball.


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