Noah Winer's Sushi Order

Oishii Sushi

Oshinko Maki

What makes this roll unique is that its main ingredient, which is Oshinko. Oshinko is pickled radish. It starts of as a big piece of yellow pickled radish, thinly cut into strips and rolled between white sushi rice and a piece of nori.

Crazy Maki

This Crazy, outrageous roll consists of shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo, and tobiko. Shrimp tempura is a long piece of shrimp, fried in a thin batter made with cold water, wheat flour, and sparkling water to lighten up the batter. It is then pan fried and put in the roll. Another unfamiliar ingredient is tobiko. Tobiko are fish roe or eggs. They are little orange and squishy sphere, and when bitten on the egg pops and a fishy flavor explodes in your mouth. That is how a CRAZY maki is made.

Philadelphia Maki

Philadelphia Roll is unique in a way where dairy is put in the roll. That dairy is cream cheese and it is called the Philadelphia Maki named after the brand of cream cheese used. This is not common in sushi, but it makes this roll taste great. Accompanying the cream cheese is raw salmon, avocado, and cucumber. The sushi rice is sprinkled with sesame seeds to add flavor.

Negihama Maki

This is a simple roll, with a different type of fish. The fish is yellowtail and it is rolled with scallions for adding an intense flavor