Math Language PLC

Language in Geometry and Spatial Sense- Carly Davis

Professional Learning Presentation

Handout for PLC Meeting


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Presenter Notes

  • Think about how you can improve the math language at your school
  • According to the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis, we are only capeable of understanding and learning about things we have the language to describe. How does this theory of learning affect teaching math language?
  • What strategies have you used to help students learn math language?
  • As a division, how can we use a consistent approach to learning math language?
  • How can you differentiate instruction to better learn math language?
  • What strategies have you used to create a reactive learning environment for math language?

Blank Three Part Lesson Plan Template

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Helpful Videos for Teaching Math Language

Math Curse

Quick Ideas for Hands-On Math

Agenda for Meeting

Initial Meeting

  1. Introduce primary team (kindergarten- gr. 3 teachers, ECE, EA's, SERT, principal)
  2. Review slide presentation- please bring a copy of the handout
  3. Break into groups- try the 3 part lesson plan for your grade, and develop your assessment question for next week.
  4. Discuss questions, lesson plans
  5. Review where manipulatives are stored in the school, how they are to be borrowed.
  6. Put math table and manipulative table into classrooms.
  7. Decide on division-wide initiative for math language.

One Month Follow Up

  1. Discuss findings- assessment data
  2. Review what words/vocabulary caused the most difficulty for your class
  3. Challenges and Successes
  4. Review how to use teacher drive to upload lesson plans and ideas for all teachers to share
  5. Plan how we will promote math language learning in our next unit (measurement)