Luke Sides

What did i do yesterday

Yesterday I went to the Y and played football, and then later that day I watch Criminal Minds and Stalker

What is something you i do well

I am good at tennis and fishin because I have won a few tournaments. Im also good at getting on some teachers nerves.

Something about my childhood

I was a nice little kid but some how I'm not is what people say now ha

Something about you I learned last week

I didn't really learn anything last week because we didn't really do nothing last week but exams

Something I can't live without

Something I can't live without is my family, friends and sports and fishin. I can't live without all of this because it makes me who i am and how i live

Something I love to watch or listen to

I love watching ESPN and any type of sports, I also love to watch Criminal Minds and Stalker

and like listening to Country music

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