Ancient Greek Olympics

By M Meek

When Did The Olympics Start?

The Olympics first started in 776 B.C., thats more than 3,000 years ago. The Olympics were held every four years, just like in modern times too. Ancient historians began to measure time by the 4-year increments in between each Olympics, these were named Olympiads.

Where Did The Olympics Originally Come From?

In 776 B.C. the olympics first took place in Olympia, Greece, to honor the god Zeus. The Olympics were named from where they came from, Olympia, modern Olympia is in ruins.

Who Were The Olympics and Other Festivals For?

What Events Were In The Olympics

Today the Olympics have many events, but the first couple of Olympic festivals only had a long foot race. Most people would think that its boring watching some one run for a long time so the greeks added more events to the Olympics such as jumping, sprinting, discus throwing, javelin throwing and wrestling.