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From the Desk of Mrs. Wagner

March 12, 2021

It is hard to believe that a year ago our school transitioned to a Continuous Learning Plan during Spring Break and we were forced to finish the school year remotely. It has been a year of many challenges, but Holy Cross has found that the silver linings have outweighed the challenges.

Reflecting on that year, we have grown as a community, parish, and school. It has proven that we really are one strong faith-filled community. In a time where it is easy to look back with a feeling of frustration or disappointment, it is a good time to reflect on all the good times from this past year. We have had opportunities to spend more time with our children and families. Thank you for being part of our family. If you have not enrolled, please consider staying with us next year. We truly do believe we are one family.

We have been working this current year to improve our technology and educational programs. Below you will see some of our recent additions. We have received new computers for two laptop carts. We also have added Math Think Tanks for each grade-level that help students develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The reading committee has been working hard on finding a structured literacy program that will meet the literacy requirements for the Kansas Department of Education. After months of research, we have decided on 95% Group supplemental materials that will provide research-based instructional materials for grade levels Pre-K-8. We are also hard at work building our resources in our STREAM Lab including a traveling 3-D printer and Build-It Lego Kits.

We are striving to provide our students with the best possible Catholic education and cannot wait to share all of the new resources and programs that will be added next year.

Have a Happy and Safe Spring Break!

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CDC Spring Break Guidelines

With spring break approaching us soon, please read the following information if you are considering travel.

  • If you are traveling internationally, you are required to get a viral test before returning to the US. Then, the CDC recommends you quarantine for 7 days (if you get a viral test between days 3-5 after returning) OR a full 10 days if you choose not to get tested
  • These graphics might make it easier –

Principal for the Day

Mr. Hunter Dixon and Mr. Isaac Dixon

Zoom Meeting with the School Office (Dr. Kroh & Mrs. Carney)

Dr. Cascone surprised us for the meeting!

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2021 03 12 Breaking News!
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3rd Grade Raffle Winners Movie Party

Bishop Miege Summer Camps

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About Us

Our School Office will be closed March 13-22, 2021 for Spring Break. If you need assistance, please email Mrs. Wagner.