Superintendent's Update

November 17-November 21

Upcoming Events

Monday, November 17

8:00 District Office Meeting for Climate Survey

8:30 Cabinet Meeting

11:00 Safety Committee Meeting

12:00 Work Schedule Meeting

5:30 Student Achievement Meeting (Board of Trustees)

Tuesday, November 18

8:00 Classroom Observations (India Hook)

11:00 Classroom Observations (Northside)

1:30 Classroom Observations (Rebound)

3:15 Finance/HR Meeting

6:00 Town Hall Meeting (Sunset Park)

Wednesday, November 19

8:30 Community Visit (India Hoook)

10:00 Community Visit (Rosewood)

1:00 Meeting

2:00 Meeting

3:30 Meeting

Thursday, November 20

7:30 Chamber Education Awards Breakfast

8:30 Education Foundation Meeting

10:00 Classroom Observations (Independence)

1:00 Lunch Meeting

3:00 Exit Conference with Auditors

Friday, November 21

Out of Office


Congratulations to Northwestern High School and South Pointe High School on their football wins this Friday! Both schools will continue in the playoffs! We wish you much success!

Wando at Northwestern Northwestern 64, Wando 34

Seneca at South Pointe South Pointe 19, Seneca 15

Climate Survey

Copies of the climate survey should have been delivered to you on Friday. Please read the instructions carefully as you prepare to have employees in your building complete the survey. It is important that they understand the anonymity of the survey. Be sure to have a teacher of the year or other designated employee be in charge of collecting the surveys. We prefer that you have your employees meet together to complete the survey so that everyone understands the instructions. Do not place surveys in their mail boxes for employees to complete.

Happy November Birthday!


2 Elaine Bilton

Marcia Hollingsworth

Dianne McCray

5 Dan Ralyea

6 Beverly Hovis

Jim Vining

8 Jessica Gentry

12 Karen Price

13 Elaine Baker

16 Ginny Moe

18 Brenda Campbell

19 Tracy Beckham

21 Beth Lifsey

Kim Melander

22 Julie Herring

25 Heather Rollings

26 Kim McCormack

28 Mildred Douglas

29 Stephanie Haselrig

Upcoming Dates:

November 25

District Leadership (We will dismiss by 10:15 so that you can attend the OEC meeting.)

November 26-28

Thanksgiving Holidays

December 8-12

Principal Fall Evaluation Conference

December 22- January 2

Winter Holidays

Quote of the Week!

"When the principal sneezes, the whole school catches a cold."

Todd Whitaker

Data Meetings

Thank you for excellent data meetings this past week! I am very proud of your plans based on your school's data. Please continue to keep a focus on student achievement and how we can best support our teachers in the classroom!

Rock Hill Schools are "Excellent"

We were all very proud of our state rating of "Excellent" based on last year's academic performance. Congratulations and thank you for your leadership in earning this rating!