Technology Rules for Parents

By: Aman

Rules #1

Don't text and drive because it can injure lot of people.

Rule #2

Don't call anyone while driving because it can lead to serious injures.

Rule #3

Uses a Bluetooth to talk to people instead of hurting other people while calling on a cellphone.

Rule #4

If you have a passenger and the phone rings while you are in the car let the passenger ( someone in your family for safety reasons) take the call.

Rule #5

Don't send text messages while driving just wait when you get to your destination.

Rule #6

Don't download inappropriate things it might hack your computer.

Rule #7

Don't download random stuff check other people likes and comments first because it can give your computer viruses.

Rule #8

Don't post inappropriate things because you can get arrested.

Rule # 9

Don't always trust websites if the computer says this website is high for viruses or something else.

Rule #10

Don't eat and text while driving it can kill yourself and others.
That are one of my top 10 technology rules for parents.
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