Spring Professional Development

Courses for Spring 2020 in the BSD

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Hi everyone! Here are the upcoming classes for the 2020 spring semester. Register here for most classes unless otherwise specified.

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Boise Teacher Evaluation Course Using the Danielson Framework (all administrators and teachers with an administration degree)

Book Study Courses

Social LEADia Book Study (recommended K-12 teachers and administration)

Classroom Instruction Courses

CPM Phase 3 Assessment (recommended for math teachers Integrated I, II, and III)

Integrating Third Grade Science Curriculum in Math & Language Arts Common Core

(recommended for 3rd grade teachers)

Geometric Dimension and Tolerancing (recommended for secondary teachers and DTEC Industry Partners)

Kondo Your Grading Practices. Category 1: Gradebook Autopsy (recommended K-12 teachers and administrators)

Kondo Your Grading Practices. Category 2: Grading Scales (recommended K-12 teachers and administrators)

OUR/ IM Implementation Support Cohort (recommended 6-8 teachers)

Thinking Maps (all K-12)

Financial Literacy

School Based Improvement Credit

Looking for professional development that is more tailored to your school and/ or professional practice? Choose how you deepen your understanding of instructional strategies, curriculum & assessment, new pedagogies, ways to increase student learning, book studies, etc.

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School Environment and Safety Courses