NMS 6th Grade


April Students of the Month

This year, Nelson Middle School teachers began selecting Students of the Month in an effort to recognized students who have excelled in the following areas: Pride, Academic Excellence, and Preparedness.

This month's 6th graders who have earned this honor are:

  • Mary Beth M.--Pride
  • Tony M.--Academic Excellence
  • Jade J.--Preparedness



In History, we have started to learn about inventions. We began a presentation on these inventions. In our presentation, we have to have the invention and who invented it. The inventions we have to put in our presentations are the Cotton Gin, Steamboat, Steam Locomotive, and then the Reaper. We also have to have to include how it impacted society and a description of the invention.

With Mrs. Schilling, History is always fun and definitely not boring.

--by Brianna C.

Language Arts

We are learning about prefixes and suffixes and what they mean and how they are used. We write a word that with that suffix or prefix, and we get on quizlet and study. I like Language Arts, because we do a lot of writing projects. We are working main ideas right now. Also, I read a lot of stories and do some worksheets.

Language Arts is one of my favorite classes, because the teacher is nice, and we do fun stuff. I like Language Arts, because we do lots of writing. I'm good at writing, so that class is pretty easy. I also read a lot, and I like reading, so it's not a bad class.

--by Camden M.


Math is a subject everyone should master even if it’s harder at times, because it’s a skill we need to make it in the world. You can make math fun or you can make it complicated, but if you try, it will turn out fun. In Math, we do assignments and go over them after everyone in the classroom has finished. Sometimes we do bigger sized packets that we work on in class and at home.

--by Lillian F.


In science, we are learning about adaptation. Today we did two worksheets about adaptation in animals. Then we did an activity where you get a picture of an animal to cut out and a piece of patterned paper, glued the cut out on the paper, and colored the cut out to blend into the paper.

Sometimes when there’s a test, Mrs. Galloway lets us go to Kahoot.it. It’s a website that helps you study by playing a trivia game. It’s a really fun website, and it helps me study.

--by Chloe C.


Art is a fun class where you get to embrace your imagination and creativity. There are fun activities to do like painting, crafting, and other cool things. It is a time where you can relax and be in a quiet place to think of awesome ideas. When you’re in Art, you can have a time to be sloppy and have fun with your cool ideas.

In Art class, you get to have fun doing what you love(if you really like art). When Mrs. Davis hands you a challenging task, just remember she wants you use your imagination and creativity. Sometimes she hands you a jar lid with a piece of paper that lists a task you have to complete and turn in on top of it.

It was really fun being in that class. It allowed me to be able to draw and paint what I want and have fun with friends when I do it. Ms. Davis teaches you how to draw beautifully , and shows you a huge variety of different ways to draw like cross-hatch. She is kind and loves to do fun things with you as long as you are good in her class. Pay attention. You may never know when she will say something really important.

--by Zachary G.

Home Ec

In Home Ec, we sew three different types of stitches. They are called running, whip, and blanket stitches. After we learned those stitches, we made a teddy bear using the blanket stitch.

After we finished sewing, we went into the kitchen lab. We made chocolate chip cookies, and then we made Hocus Pocus Buns which are marshmallows dipped in butter and cinnamon wrapped in croissant rolls. They were my favorite. After that we made biscuit pizzas. That is what I did Home Ec.

--by Taylor T.


My favorite class is P.E. My favorite game to play in P.E. is Two Base. Two base is fun, because you can choose which base you want to run to.

My other favorite thing to do in P.E. is 3-on-3 basketball tournaments. At the end of the game, if it’s tied you shoot free throws to see who wins. One time I was facing my friend, and we each shot it 8 times, but I ended up winning. `

--by Thomas C.

Wood Shop

In sixth grade Wood Shop, first you start with studying agriscience, the application of scientific principle and new technologies to agriculture. Along with agriscience, we learn about agribusiness which is the part of agriculture which deals with agriculture production, distribution, and marketing. Then we take a test on all of that.

After we take the agriculture test, we start on measuring and center measuring. Measuring is just the basic measuring that you would possibly do in math class. For center measuring you would measure then multiply the number by ½. For example if your measurement is 2 ½ then you would multiply 2 ½ by ½ which would equal 1.25 which would be your answer.

After that we take General Shop Safety and Drill Press Safety. The General Shop Safety test you have to take before the Drill Press test. For shop safety, you read a study guide then take the test when your ready. In the drill press test, you do the same thing as you did for the shop safety but with different material.

--by Bri H.


I like the subject Technology, because I learned a lot of stuff in that class. We get to play Minecraft, and make paper rockets and fly them. We also played a rocket game that was fun.

Another reason I like technology is because it teaches a lot about science. We talked about programming.Then we programmed a Minecraft robot. We also got to listen to music at the end of the class.

--by Jacob C.


Art is one of my favorite exploratories, because you don’t do a lot of work. In Art you can draw, color, and paint on lots of different stuff. So far, we have made animals, designs, comic books, collages, and more.

Mrs. Davis is our main art teacher. For the first couple of weeks, our art teacher was Ms. Baracker. Ms. Baracker was a student art teacher. She also did the animals, designs, and collages with us. For the last couple of weeks, Mrs. Davis taught art with us. Now, we only have about one more week of art.

--by Logan F.