Jewelry In Candles

Lindsey Mothershead ~ JIC Rep

What is JIC ?

My name is Lindsey and I am a JIC Representative !

Jewelry In Candles is a brand new company that offers 100% all natural soy candles, wax tarts and (coming soon) aroma beads in a variety of amazing scents. So why are our candles so different from every other candle company out there ?

It's a difference you can wear !

A jewelry treasure comes in every one of our products ! The jewelry is valued anywhere from $10 to thousands of dollars. A candle and jewelry ! It can't get any better than that right ? Oh but it can !

With every order you have the chance of receiving a BONUS candle that can contain codes for trips, electronics, gift cards and more !

The opportunity ...

From now until November 24th, you can become a Jewelry In Candles Representative for FREE ! NO sign up fees, NO minimums and a FREE e-commerce website ! There's not a better time to start a career with JIC than right now !

I am a graphic designer and a photographer, I have 10 years in direct sales and vendor event experience and I would love to help you build your business so that you can grow with this amazing new company from the ground floor ! From marketing material designs to promotional graphics and team support, I will help you reach for the stars and achieve your dreams ! I would love for you to join us !

The discount ...

Receive 20% off your first order with online coupon code: "facebook" or "pinterest"

Meet Lindsey ...

My name is Lindsey. I am happily married with 6 amazing children. I am a graphic designer and photographer in which I freelance from home. I am a JIC Representative and LOVE being home with my family ! Fun fact: I am trained in martial arts and actually married my taekwondo instructor :-) I love meeting new people, doing craft shows, bubble baths, country music ... and of course ... jewelry and candles !

Jewelry In Candles

Lindsey Mothershead

(JIC Representative)