Visual Merchandising

What does the role entail?

Visual Merchandising

A Visual Merchandiser is also known as a 'Window Dresser.' As a Visual Merchandiser your role is to create eye catching window displays and floor plans. The store may have new products they need incorporated into there displays, as the products are new the floor layouts and window displays must entice customers in to create sales. However, the store may have existing products that aren't selling very well which need re-arranging, by moving the items into the customers main view the sales may boost. Visual Merchandising does not only apply to the fashion industry, supermarkets are a great example as they create displays appealing to all the sense. The supermarket layouts will differ when its the summer compared to the winter. As a Visual Merchandiser you would create a summer vibe by moving all BBQ foods, summer clothes and holiday essentials to the front of the store to appeal to the consumer however, in the winter the cosy blankets, christmas decorations and homely foods will be brought to the front of the store. It is key within this role to keep up to date with the seasons and the latest trends.
Visual Merchandising and Display


The starting salary for an entrance role is usually £12,000 - £18,000 where as a experienced/ managerial role Visual Merchandiser may get £20,000-£27,000. The senior Visual Merchandisers can reach up to £30,000. Due to the travelling within this role you could continue working as a Visual Merchandiser in other countries, this as well as management roles you could earn up to £60,000.

What is an Area Visual Merchandiser and what is a Field Visual Merchandiser?

A Field Visual Merchandiser

As a Field Visual Merchandiser you take responsibility for a selected group of stores and ensure they are following the company guidelines for the window displays and floor layouts. You will offer support to your selected stores and help with training if needed. You must ensure that all store windows and floor plans are the same to keep up with the 'brand image.' By having all store displays the same it will help the customer recognise the brand.

An Area Visual Merchandiser?

As an Area Visual Merchandiser you will work with a group of stores like the role of the Field Visual Merchandiser however, at a higher level and help a larger amount of stores. Within this role you train and offer support to the shops and also offer support to the Field Visual Merchandiser if needed. As like all of the Visual Merchandising roles you need to be a self - motivated and creative individual. All Visual Merchandisers will work long hours, early morning and late starts. The Field Visual Merchandiser and the Area Visual Merchandiser spend a lot of time on the road travelling to the stores they over see.

Luxury brands compared to High Street Brands.

Visual Merchandising will differ if you are a arranging the window display for a high end luxury brand compared to a high street brand. Luxury brands tend to have more eccentric displays. They also collaborate with artists which will reflect on the Window displays and floor layouts. Below is an example of when Yayoi Kusama did a collaboration with Louis Vuitton, the windows are bright and eye- catching, this is also recreated within the store. On a recent trip to Copenhagen I saw a Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which had a few Louis Vuitton dot work items. As you can see from the below video her art work is just as eccentric as the items she produced with the brands.

The light installation by Yayoi Kusama at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark