Come to the Middle Colonies!

And Experience True Freedom!

Are You Tired of Your Home Country?

It could be because of anything: your government, religious disagreements, bad job opportunities, or any other reason. Well, you've come to the right place. The Middle Colonies are the best places to live for almost every area of life. Find out yourself!

The Land of Rich Soil

The Middle Colonies have the best places for farming! Here in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, there are mild winters, and the growing seasons are much longer than in other places. The land is mostly flat, fertile soil, which gets its richness from the beautiful Hudson and Delaware Rivers.

Opportunity Knocks!

These colonies, literally, have the most job opportunities. Because of the fertile soil, farmland is not hard to find, and many crops can be grown, especially cash crops like wheat, barely, and rye, which give the colonies their nickname: The Bread-Basket Colonies. The Middle Colonies also specialize in cattle and pigs. Every year, they export tons of beef, pork, and butter to other places. Is farming and cattle raising not your field? Don't worry! The Middle Colonies also have many opportunities for artisans as well. Do you specialize in hardware, making clocks and watches, guns, flints, glass, stoneware, nails, and paper? Is making objects out of iron ore easy for you? Are you someone who enjoys fishing, chopping down lumber, and/or making rum? Then, you will definitely find your place in the Middle Colonies! Who wouldn't want to live in a place where you could get a job and enjoy it, for sure?

You Choose Who You Want to Serve...

Are you English and want to leave your country, but still want the direct protection of the king? One of the Middle Colonies, New Jersey, is a royal colony, meaning that the English have direct control over you, there's a charter protecting your rights and religious freedom, and you can vote for an assembly that votes for local matters. You may ask: "What if I don't come from England?" or say: "Wait! The reason I'm moving is to get away from monarchy!" Never fear! Other colonies here have a representative government. So wherever you decide to live here, you can be sure that your say always counts!

Do You Want Religiouse Freedom? Of Course You Do!

The Middle Colonies are one of the few colonies that allow almost complete religious freedom. The practiced religions range here from Roman Catholic, to Dutch Reformed Church, French Protestants, and Anglicans, to Judaism, and to even Quakers!

The Middle Colonies' Schooling:

In the Middle Colonies, we have many private schools set up by both churches and individuals. The buildings are usually one room. Here writing, reading, and other useful courses that will help in the future are taught. Also, boys could become apprentices to learn artisan skills. Though mostly boys are accepted to schools, there are special dame schools for girls.


There are slaves in the Middle Colonies. Each colony has about one-fourth or one-third of its population as slaves, who usually just work as laborers.

Do You Think You Want to Move Here, to This Beatiful, Full of Freedom Land?

As you see, the Middle Colonies have perfect condition for jobs, religious freedom, government, and for almost everything. So what are you waiting for? Come here to the Middle Colonies today! You'll be glad you did!