April's Newsletter

Mrs. Smith 2nd Grade 2015-2016

A Message From Mrs. Smith...

Dear Parents,

Despite the snow and cold temperatures, Happy Spring! I'm looking forward to the last two months left of school and all the fun activities we have planned. I hope everyone had a nice break and was able to take some time away from their busy schedules to do something special with your family. I'm sure by now many of you have heard about the PARCC video that was directed by our talented Mrs. Salemi and Ms. Root to get the older grades excited for the PARCC test from the help of Apollo teachers. The video is posted on our district website www.emsd63.org. Check it out!

I will be sending home on Monday, April 11th, a field trip form to be filled out and returned to school ASAP. We will be taking a field trip to the Marriott Theater to see Cinderella...After the Ball. Please keep an eye out for future emails from me about special events taking place at Apollo over the next two months! If you have any questions, please let me know! Have a wonderful weekend!



Please remember to READ every night for 20 minutes!


Before Spring break, we spent some time reviewed math skills and applying those skills to real word applications, such as pretending to shop at a grocery store. It is important to continue to utilize IXL because this will not be available to your child in 3rd grade. I highly recommend using it at home when possible.

We are currently learning about repeated addition, equal groups, and arrays, which are strategies for multiplication. Students are putting together a class multiplications table by filling out a blank square to either write an equation, draw an array, or form equal groups to represent a multiplication fact. I can't wait to see the finished product!


We continued to focus on Informational texts and understanding text features during the month of March. Currently, we are reading variations of Cinderella from a few cultures around the world. It is interesting to read this fairy tale and to see how the different cultures alter the story line. The different Cinderella's we have read thus far come from New Mexico, France, and Korea. We will continue to focus on how the books compare to each other as a way to prepare us for our field trip to watch Cinderella...After the Ball.

As I mentioned in my email earlier this week, we are focusing on Poetry and have been reading a wide variety of poems while discussing the different elements to look for in a poem. We have noticed how some poems have rhythm, rhyme, alliteration, onomatopoeia, and written in stanzas.


The students spent the month of March completing their How-To posters. The students had to pick a topic based on what they are experts with making or doing, then write it in step format, and lastly, create a glossary for people to understand certain terms they used in their steps. They also were asked to use the computer to research different pictures to illustrate the different supplies or materials they needed to make for their How-To poster. I was impressed with their research skills on finding illustrations and sending their document to me so I can print it for them!

Social Studies

During March we focused on the different land forms (Ex. rivers, lakes, islands, oceans, mountains, etc) and how our warm temperatures can be contributed due to gasoline. We talked about other ways on how we can avoid using gasoline to get us places.

We also learned about maps, how to read maps, a compass rose (N, E, S, W), and to follow directions based on which direction to turn. At home, practice with your child understanding which direction is North, East, South, West. It can be very confusing, but one way we are practicing in school is by telling them to turn North, East, South, or West as we are walking through the hallways to get to different locations.

During the month of April we will be studying various Health topics.