truth about cellulite review

truth about cellulite

Cellulite: cure cannot be left

What is the reason?

Consensus, why there is cellulite, no. According to one version, it starts with hypertrophy of fat cells that occurs in response to the production of female sex hormones. On the other hand, experts note that the cause may be a change in the structural elements of the dermis: connective fibers become rigid, bumping into adipocytes (fat cells), they form retractions, causing the skin surface becomes uneven.

Unaesthetic appearance of "orange peel" - typically female trouble. The representatives of the strong half of mankind cellulite is rare.

First of all, the structure of adipose tissue: connective tissue septa separating the fat cells in men at an angle to the surface of the skin, and women - almost perpendicular.

Nature itself has been defined, a woman should have a "strategic reserve" of subcutaneous fat in case of pregnancy and feeding the baby, and it should be enough. As a rule, this is due to reproductive dependent areas - thighs, buttocks and stomach. From an overabundance of fat cells increase in size many times, literally "swelling" they "bump" in the mesh of collagen and elastin, filling the intercellular space entirely.

All this leads not only to internal changes, but also affects the appearance of the skin: it becomes lumpy, reminiscent of lemon or orange peel.

When cellulite disease

The official name for the "cosmetic" cellulite is not. Cellulite is a medical point of view - an acute purulent inflammation of subcutaneous adipose tissue (abscess). It occurs usually in the lower extremities (calf) or person. But on the thighs, abdomen and buttocks cannot appear. The reason for truth about cellulite - infection of adipose tissue.

Some experts use to refer to "orange peel" term lip dystrophy. But the latter is a disease with a number of symptoms that lead to pathological changes in the subcutaneous fat, functional and aesthetic, including changes. In hypertrophic form caused by insulin resistance, visually it might look like a "cosmetic" cellulite, but in fact such is not.

Lip dystrophy may occur in response to receiving antiretroviral drugs, or is associated with metabolic disorders inherited genetically.