Healing Patients

A career as a Radiation Therapist

What is a radiation therapist?

Cancer patients have a variety of treatments options available to them and depending on what treatment option they choose radiation therapy is a treatment they can choose to have.

About what radiation therapist does:

Radiation therapist uses a “linear accelerators” to operate beans of radiation onto a patient’s tumor. Which literally shrinks or removes the tumor completely. Usually treatment periods last half an hour on average and are regularly administered daily for a few months at a time. During treatment radiation therapist are consistently monitoring their patients health as well as “adjust for any serious side effects” They must be able to record and organize treatment records of their patients. Radiation therapist unusually work an average 40 hour week and usually don’t work evenings or weekends however they are standing on their feet for their entire shift.

Radiation Therapy

Who are Radiation Therapist?

Radiation therapist must be hard working, empathic, and have excellent communication skills not to mention be willing to give emotional support to their patients because their patients are usually emotionally or physically drained from treatment they endure.