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From the desk of Beckie Webster

Thank you for keeping the focus on student learning:

STAAR Tests are boxed up and on the move. What an amazing job to the entire building for your support as we provide the best possible testing environment to our students. Thank you to every staff member in the building, as you helped to support bathroom monitors, keeping students quiet, testing students, teacher relievers and so much more! I know our Wildcats will do a great job!

As a matter of fact-they already did. Now that our students/parents know, we received our 1st round of scores from 5th grade reading and WOW!!

Reading 5th grade 92% (Bilingual 100%) was the met standard scores (round 1). If I remember right, we have not been in the 90's in the 1st round in a long time. Congrats to our 5th grade team and the entire faculty. Each and every one of you have a part in creating an environment where students are successful. Thank you to everyone for a job well done. It is an honor to lead such an amazing staff.

PS-District Avg. 91% (Boo ya!!)

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