by: Kelly Quinn


You’ll be shocked to learn that the largest Bluefin Tuna ever caught weighed at 1,496 pounds! Tunas have and amazing life cycle, interesting habitat, and a mind blowing appearance. Tunas are really amazing fish that lurk the ocean. These torpedo-like fish are very fascinating and you should definitely learn more about them.


Tunas have an amazing life cycle, interesting habitat, and a mind-blowing appearance. These fish are very fascinating to learn about. Even though tuna fish might be smelly in a can, these animals are very interesting to learn about! Furthermore, the tuna is a great animal to learn about!

Think Tank

In this section, you will read the haiku and the acrostic. An acrostic is a poem that has a line of a sentence that matches the letter. A haiku is a three lined paragraph. The first line has 5 syllables, second has 7, and third sentence has 5 syllables. Enjoy!
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In this section, there is a picture of my diorama. My diorama includes animals such as a tuna, a dolphin, coral, a turtle, a jellyfish, a killer whale, a regal tank, a clown fish, a starfish, and a crab.
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Go Fish

For go fish, we used the chrome books and went to petsmart and petco. I got 4 tetra fish that went in a 20 gallon tank. We also used the calculaters to add up the total of the decorations, accesories, fish, and the other things needed for the tank.
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Chefs Corner

Modern Australian Cuisine

http://usa.angloinfo.com/lifestyle/food-and-drink/ is where I found the history on Modern Australian Cusine. Modern Australian Cuisine has been strongly influenced by the palettes of migrants to the country. The influx of immigrants from Eastern Europe, Asia and the middle east has brought a vast range of new flavors. It usually will have a side of vegetables and meat but it matters what kind of cuisine it is.

DINER/SUPER: is usually served at 17:00 - 20:00 depending on when kids and parents get together.

LUNCH: lunch breaks occur usually at 11:00 - 13:00. It usually consists of vegetables like; green beans, kale, and other greens depending on the region.

BREAKFAST: first meal of the day so in the morning you eat it. Coffee, cereal, milk, eggs, and other morning things are usually served on the menu.

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Massachusetts fishermen reel in 920-pound tuna off Cape Cod (VIDEO)