Elyse Rhythm!Discovery Center

In downtown Indianapolis

On Tuesday November 3rd Mrs.Bachman's third grade class went on a field trip to the Rhythm! Discover Center in down town Indy. ''The Rhythm! Discovery Center has tons of cool and/or unique instruments'',says Dan our tour guide.

''It was really cool seeing the amazing different instruments,each was cool and exiting to learn about''!says Olivia a girl in the class.

What do you think this trips purpose was?

''I think it's purpose was for us to learn all about the different percussion instruments about sound and vibration it was so fun''!Says Olivia also.

All there percussion instruments were so cool! You learn so much when you go there!

For example,The shimmer wall.The shimmer wall is a drum in front of a shimmery wall,so whenever you hit the drum the shimmer in that exact same spot!

It was a cool field trip!