By Keith Derby 6a

About Me

Personal Styles Inventory


  • Practical people are levelheaded, sensible, and good with details.

  • They like teachers using models, demonstrations, and how-to projects.


  • Outgoing people tend to be friendly, entertaining

  • Hey learn best by use of games, case studies and hands-on experiences.


  • Structured people enjoy working in traditional situations, and dealing with facts, figures and numbers

  • They learn best by using flowcharting , classification models and learning definitions.

career family History

My Dad dose not want me in the military because he worried about safety.but I'm doing it anyway.

Personal & Career Mission Satements

  • My personal mission is to work hard at what I do, be respected and keep friendships.
  • My personal career mission is to be in the us army and work in the infantry division.

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My Career: Military

General Info

  • Heath care personnel.
  • Combat specialty personnel.
  • transportation and material-handling personnel.

Work Environment

  • Location: Military base
  • Hazards: There are dangerous bombs and that is a danger.
  • Hours: military personnel work standard full time. However, hours vary significantly, depending on occupational specialty, rank, branch of service, and the needs of the military. In all cases, personnel must be prepared to work long hours to fulfill missions.
  • Skills: Combat training ,heath care personnel, Physical things are running, push ups,pull ups.

How to Become One

  • To join the military, applicants must meet age, educational, aptitude, physical, and character requirements.
  • Members are assigned an occupational specialty based on their aptitude, former training, and the needs of their branch of service.
  • All service members must sign a contract and commit to a minimum term of service.\

Pay/ Benefits

  • Pay hands are the some for all branches of serine.
  • The starting pay is $1,468.
  • Pay rate is $1,468 to $15,401.


  • Bout 165,000 personnel must be recruited each year to replace those who complete their commitment or retire.
  • The number of active-duty personnel is expected to remain roughly constant through 2020.


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