Being Internet Safe

Not everything is private

How protected is your Facebook or Twitter account?

People post on their Facebook or Twitter accounts at least once a day, probably not really wondering 'who can see what I just posted?'

  • Well, for sure whoever you're friends with can see.
  • It's possible that strangers can also be creeping around on your page.
  • Future employers like to look on Facebook and Twitter accounts to see who the person who they're considering on hiring really is.
  • Be especially careful if you plan on getting into a good college. They also will look for your profile accounts and determine if you are suitable for being accepted.
  • NEVER use profanity or upload pictures that you'll regret in the future.

How can you make your account more private?

Simple steps to making it more protected on Facebook

  • First, of course, log into your account.
  • Then, click on the gears symbol in the upper right hand corner
  • Go down to Privacy Settings and click on it
  • Then choose how private you want your profile to be
How To Change Your Privacy Settings On Facebook - Facebook Tutorial