The elections

of 1800-1801

Thomas Jefferson should be president.

Thomas Jefferson should be pres because John Adams mad the sedition acts that stoped immagrants from beacoming an American citizen for 14 years. It made Americans and immagrants verey mad that Kenntucky and Virgina plan that tryed to stop the sedition and alien acts they gave their thaughts about the acts to try to stop it.

The election of 1800 - 1801

Thursday, June 11th 1801 at 9pm

It was in the nations capital Washington D.C

The election tie breaker

To decide who will win by a tie breaker the House of Representitives. So most of the Democratice Republicans chose Jefferson and The federalists chose Burr. but Hamilton chose Jefferson because he thaught that Burr wasn't fit for office so he told some Federalits to vote for Jefferson.

The winner of the election

The person who wins the election is Thomas Jeffferson. He and Burr both got 73 votes so they had to go into a tie. So the houe of repesentitives had to decide so most of them decided on Jefferson. So Jefferson became the 3rd president of the U.S.