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Top 9 Literacy Updates

Happy Monday CBLTs,
  1. For the next two weeks, all age/grade levels will work on Action Step E4. Your site/campus-based leadership team has until November 10 to submit your E4 Assignment and complete the quiz.
  2. This week's action step for all grade levels is all about providing Tier III literacy intervention for learners who do not respond adequately to Tier II instruction. There are neat videos embedded within this week's lessons as well as a plethora of tools that you can print off and share with your campus teachers. Pay close attention to the NEXT STEPS areas of your lessons. This area highlights things for teams to consider when implementing this action step.
  3. Campuses are required to meet weekly for their CBLT meetings. Any missed meetings must be made up. There is a ton of reading for this week's action step. With this in mind, EXTRA WEEKS are designed to allow you extra time to complete the weekly assignments and/or any tasks directly related to your TSLP Online work.
  4. Please offer a professional courtesy to those visiting your meetings by notifying them in ample enough time of any sudden changes to the time, date/ and or location of your CBLT meetings. Refer to the District Support Calendar for days that specific district team members will join your meetings. This calendar has been emailed to all members and placed on EDMODO for your convenience.
  5. The Literacy Coaches will be delivering embedded PD on all campuses by grade level to discuss writing genres and connecting text to writing.
  6. On November 14, all educational associates are invited to attend Session #2 of our Educational Aides Series titled: Specialized Care: Strategies for Small Group Literacy Instruction. If your aides missed the first session, they should go ahead and sign up in Eduphoria for the remaining sessions.
  7. Our next Heart of Texas Writing Project Cohort will be meeting November 12 at Decker Elementary School.
  8. I will be entering all campuses weekly CBLT meetings into Eduphoria so that all team members, who actively participate in the weekly meetings, are receiving the proper credit hours for participation in meetings.
  9. Have fun learning online!


If your campus has in its possession the Leadership and/or Standards Based Instruction Binder, please return it to me by the end of this week. There is some information that I need to copy from these binders to submit to our state liaison.

Always with digital literacy in mind,

Felicia Turner

Please welcome Mary Jimenez to our TSLP Online Course Work! Mary is the new director at the Creative World Learning Center.

Thought for the Week

"Never lose sight that, in RtI, “students should move back and forth across the levels of the multi-tiered instructional framework based on their success (response) or difficulty (minimal response) at the level where they are receiving intervention . . . ” (NCRI, April 2010, p. 13).

TLI District Grant Implementation Team

Amelia Brown, Accounts Payable, amelia.brown@manorisd.net

Alex Carrillo, Elementary Literacy Coordinator, alex.carrillo@manorisd.net

Laurie Fay, Grant Coordinator, laurie.fay@manorisd.net

Muya Hayes, Early Childhood & Family Literacy Coordinator, muya.hayes@manorisd.net

Colleen Stearns, Secondary Literacy Coordinator, colleen.stearns@manorisd.net

Felicia Turner, Literacy Coordinator, felicia.turner@manorisd.net