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The Effects Of Diet On Skin

Dear Yroc'Aj

I am 14 and I wanted to know what food can I eat for better skin ? Can you make a detailed list ?

Dear Macey

There are all kinds of healthy foods for your skin. The best I know of are listed below along with what they help and how they help your skin.

* Brussels sprouts - good way to get vitamin A and Vitamin C

* Salomon - mot of the time will keep skin cancer from growing

* Oats - will give u less acne

* Avocados - filled with monounsaturated fat and absorbs vitamins and nutrients your skin needs to look good

* Lean Beef - Best in my opinion because you only need about two to four ounces , and only two or three times a week for better skin.

All 5 of these things you can find at a local food mart. The best thing bout this is that you don't even have to eat all of 5 of them. Just two or three from the list a week is good.


Ja'Cory Brow - Jazzlin Sill - Jackie Sandoval