The Sky

Not as far as it looks

Enjoy the 24/7 beautiful view

The sky is moving art work. when you see it it is beautiful and you come back an hour later and it is a hole new master piece.
All About Clouds for Kids: Types and Names of Clouds - FreeSchool

Most common clouds


Watch this super cool video that I provided for y'all

Very informational video below!
A STORM OF COLOR Time Lapse - Isolated Supercell, tornado, rainbow and lightning storm

Stratus and Cumulonimbus

Why when you look at the sky is it blue?

When we look at the sun we see a blue. This is because when we look at the sky blue is the most scattered color in the atmosphere so this is the color we see. Also it is a mixture of debris and salts from the ocean.

Why are some clouds grey and some white?

Well clouds can be both clouds and Cary rain. When water vapor condenses it creates condensation which forms could to become precipitation. Many rain clouds are grey due to the den city and thickness in them, but when we look at the cumulonimbus cloud they also bring rain along with hail and tornados. So I would just recommend that you watch out for all of the clouds cause they could get you wet if you are not pressured for them.